How much does ChatGPT4.0 cost per month?

  ChatGPT4.0 Monthly Fee and Payment Methods

  ChatGPT4.0 is OpenAI's fourth-generation natural language processing model, offering a powerful chat program. This section will cover the monthly fee and payment methods for ChatGPT4.0.

  Monthly Fee for ChatGPT4.0

  The monthly fee for ChatGPT4.0 is $20 USD (approximately ¥145 CNY).

  Users can choose different plans, including Basic, Professional, and Enterprise editions.

  The Basic edition has a monthly fee of $10 USD (approximately ¥73 CNY).

  The Professional edition has a monthly fee of $20 USD (approximately ¥145 CNY).

  The Enterprise edition has a monthly fee of $500 USD (approximately ¥3,638 CNY).

  Payment Methods

  Payment is accepted through the OpenAI account and international bank cards.

  Users need to link an international bank card to their OpenAI account and make payments through that card.

  It is essential to ensure the availability of an international bank card for purchasing ChatGPT4.0 services.

  Constraints on Using ChatGPT4.0

  Before using ChatGPT4.0, users need to be aware of some constraints and details associated with its usage. This section will outline the usage constraints of ChatGPT4.0.

  Query Frequency Constraint

  ChatGPT4.0 has a query frequency constraint of 25 queries every three hours.

  Users can ask a maximum of 25 questions to ChatGPT4.0 within a three-hour period.

  This constraint restricts users from frequent usage of ChatGPT4.0.

  Language Limitation

  ChatGPT4.0 currently offers versions in Chinese and English.

  Users unfamiliar with English or unable to access the internet may opt for the GPT4.0 Chinese version.

  Users proficient in English and familiar with internet access can choose between versions based on their preferences.

  Cost and Limitations of ChatGPT4.0

  Understanding the cost and limitations of using ChatGPT4.0 is crucial before utilizing its services.


  ChatGPT4.0 is a powerful artificial intelligence conversational model introduced by OpenAI, and users need to pay a fee to access its full capabilities. According to the official pricing, the monthly cost of ChatGPT4.0 is $20 USD, approximately ¥145 CNY.

  Based on some available information, the actual cost of using ChatGPT4.0 per day is approximately $1 USD, equivalent to around ¥8 CNY.

  Usage Constraints

  ChatGPT4.0 has certain limitations and constraints in usage, including query frequency constraints and language limitations.

  2.1 Query Frequency Constraint

  There is a limit on the number of queries in a given time frame for ChatGPT4.0. Users are allowed a maximum of 25 queries to ChatGPT4.0 every three hours. This constraint encourages users to make reasonable use of resources.

  2.2 Language Limitation

  ChatGPT4.0 currently offers versions in Chinese and English for user selection. Users who are not familiar with English or cannot access the internet are advised to choose the GPT4.0 Chinese version. For users proficient in English and with internet access knowledge, they can choose the version that suits their needs.

  In summary, using ChatGPT4.0 requires an understanding of its cost and usage limitations. Users can choose the appropriate version based on their needs and conditions and make efficient use of ChatGPT4.0 resources.

  Comparison of ChatGPT4.0 Prices

  ChatGPT4.0 has advantages in pricing compared to similar products. This section will discuss the price comparison between ChatGPT4.0 and other products.

  ChatGPT4.0 vs. Bing

  Microsoft has announced that the new Bing has integrated GPT-4.

  Microsoft's ChatGPT4 is also a paid service, with a monthly price of $20 USD.

  However, users can access ChatGPT4 for free by using the new Bing.

  ChatGPT4.0 vs. Other Free Products

  ChatGPT4.0 has a relatively higher price compared to other free products.

  Considering the functionality and performance of ChatGPT4.0, it remains reasonably affordable for individuals or small businesses.

  Analysis of ChatGPT4.0 Costs

  An analysis of the costs associated with using ChatGPT4.0 from different perspectives can help users better understand the expenses related to ChatGPT4.0 usage.

  Monthly Cost Calculation

  According to the official pricing, ChatGPT4.0 incurs a monthly cost of $20 USD.

  Using the current exchange rate for USD to CNY, the monthly cost is approximately ¥143 CNY.

  Purpose of Costs

  The fees for using ChatGPT4.0 contribute to supporting OpenAI in ongoing development and providing high-quality natural language processing services.

  These fees are also utilized for maintaining and improving the performance and stability of ChatGPT4.0.

  Cost Optimization for Using ChatGPT4.0

  When using ChatGPT4.0, users can adopt certain strategies to optimize costs, such as:

  Limiting usage time: Controlling the number of days used per month based on personal needs to avoid resource wastage.

  Streamlining conversation content: Expressing questions accurately and concisely to reduce the length and cost of conversations.

  Utilizing rich text prompts: Guiding the model to answer more directly by using rich text promp

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