Windows 11's Copilot gets GPT-4 and Dall-E 3 updates, enhancing its intelligent generation capabilities

  Microsoft said in a press release on Tuesday that its AI assistant Copilot, which is included in Windows 11, is undergoing a series of enhancements to improve its text and image generation capabilities. OpenAI's latest AI models GPT-4 Turbo and Dall-E 3 will be integrated into Windows 11 in the coming weeks. These two new models will help generate smarter and richer text and images with fewer errors.

  Microsoft increased its investment in OpenAI earlier this year and conducted in-depth research on artificial intelligence. Since Microsoft invested in OpenAI, ChatGPT was introduced to Bing, which brought considerable competitive pressure to Google. Google followed suit and launched its own artificial intelligence chat robot Bard, which is currently conducting trials of AI-generated answers in Google search.

  However, despite the widespread attention that OpenAI has received for its artificial intelligence technology, its internal turmoil has also become a focus of news. OpenAI's non-profit board recently fired CEO Sam Altman, but re-hired him a few days later, which sparked employee resistance. Microsoft quickly took action, hiring Altman and offering to hire other engineers from OpenAI who may leave the company.

  Bing has also received some enhancements in search functionality. New features include "deep search", which uses GPT-4 to "provide optimized search results for complex topics". In addition, Bing can also enhance image search, where users can input pictures into Bing, and the system can understand the pictures and provide answers. These features make Bing more competitive in the search engine market.

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